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Skylight Benefits

Skylights bring natural light into your space and interior rooms that cannot accommodate windows. Our brands, Velux and Crystalite, manufacture standard, fixed, venting and tubular skylights and sun tunnels that are designed for pleasure and convenience. These skylights can move fresh air throughout your space and reduce the demand for air conditioning, as hot air rises and exits through your skylights. Skylights also serve as a great solution, if you’re looking to create more wall space or privacy.


Both Velux and Crystalite manufacture skylights that are equipped with modern conveniences.

Solar Power

Velux’s “Fresh Air” skylights have control systems that are powered by solar-panels built into the skylight’s frame. These skylights can be programmed to open and close at scheduled times and are automated to close upon detecting rain.

Advanced Programming

Using similar solar-power technology, Crystalite’s “Solar Smart” skylights feature advanced programming options. In addition to being solar-powered, they can sync with your thermostat and/or security system. This means that once you set your alarm your skylights will automatically close. The skylights can also be used to adjust the temperature of your home or office space.